(Blank) Against Bad Architecture (_ABA)

(Blank) Against Bad Architecture (_ABA)

Concept of _ABA:

(Blank) Against Bad Architecture is a site about Architecture and design …gone wrong.

About _ABA:

_ABA shows the projects and designs that have gone wrong. Bad Architecture is hostile; it’s useless; it is dangerous or poorly planned; it is out of place, imposing, impeding… or simply ugly.

This site highlights some of these sometimes funny, sometimes serious occurrences and choices to create discussion about the state of architecture and design. It is not the intention to criticize the developer, owner or builder of these structures, but to critique the outcome in a constructive, open minded and honest manner. _ABA will sometimes post good examples, to ensure that these creative solutions also get the respect they deserve.

Guest posts are welcome, even encouraged

As licensed professionals, architects are entrusted with the “health and welfare of the public”, or as the statues state it: architects who fall below minimum competency or who otherwise present a danger to the public shall be prohibited from practicing. That means that buildings are required to be created sound and safe for human habitation or use, and the utilization of space within and surrounding such structures. Whether a home, a high-rise, hospital or any other structure where people gather, the profession creates projects that are compliant with applicable codes and standards.

The same however, cannot be said for design choices and preferences. There is a lot of great and extraordinary architecture in the world; Starchitects, dazzle us with amazing inventions created in fantastic minds. That is not to say that many wonderful architects don’t produce astonishing homes, museums, schools and other structures that shape the landscape of everyday life… this site is not about these projects!

Why the “blank”? There is a lot of education and training that goes into becoming a licensed architect and designer. Principles, historic precedents and best practices are studied to form professional opinions that will be applied to a any individuals practice. However, any person, whether student, professional, hobby designer, or completely unrelated to the field of design and construction can identify with items that seem right or wrong, regardless of detailed knowledge. So fill in your perceived title into the blank to be judge of good, bad or ugly design …anyone should do it!


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