_ABA contributions and posting criteria

Posting criteria:

Etiquette – Guest posts are welcome and encouraged. We do ask to please label items with #AgainstBadArchitecture and/or #ABA. Please post on our Facebook page or send in your pictures via email. Please include location and a brief description of why it is a _ABA candidate.

Here are some general criteria:

The Good – While projects highlighted on this site fail in some manner, it is unlikely that all is lost. Most projects have something good about them. When posting, note…

  • Public safety
  • Compliance with building code
  • Successful design principle

The Bad – The brunt of this site. General criteria to point out when sharing:

  • Public hazard
  • Dangerous design choices
  • Hostile architecture
  • Poor construction
  • Failed site safety

The Ugly – Architecture is Art; and art is subjective. Regardless, some projects are just plain ugly:

  • Dated designs
  • Designs that …
  • Poor material choices
  • Poor color choices